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What they said...

Maggie’s career-change story

Maggie Sakko was tired of working sedentary desk roles, she was also missing some vital people contact, her previous role as a writer and editor, and then later as an office manager meant she often worked long periods on her own.


Matthew Takes Next Career Step

At 61 and living in Darwin, Matthew found himself looking for a career change, after a long 15-year stint in the public health space, working in suicide prevention, Aboriginal health and supporting domestic violence victims. Prior to that Matthew had been a paramedic for 25 years.

Matthew’s real desire was to work in a coordinator or consultant role, working directly with justice issues to make positive changes for disadvantaged community members.


Robyn wasn't ready for retirement

Nearly approaching retirement age, Robyn was not ready to end her working career. Having achieved her training and assessment qualification in the late 1990s and working in the training and development sector ever since, she had never had the opportunity to work within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector before.

This was something that, in the back of her mind, Robyn had wanted to do for many years.


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