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The first and second years of an apprenticeship can be financially difficult for those entering the workforce for the first time. It can be even more so if you're an adult aged worker and are re-skilling or changing careers.

No matter what your age, an apprenticeship or traineeship is the same for all. A ‘late starter’ can provide more maturity, reliability, life experience and knowledge to the workplace. This experience can benefit their new employer but also other staff.

These skills and experienced gained from education, training, work and life experiences can also assist in shortening the training time required. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the formal recognition of these skills and can be discussed with the training organisation upon commencement.

You do not need a secondary school certificate or other qualification to be able to do an adult apprenticeship or adult traineeship. Your interest could stem from simply wishing to change careers or a need to re-enter the workforce. Some businesses see opportunities to grow their business by formally training existing workers.

Learn more about Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeships. If you are over 45 years of age or looking to employ someone over 45 years old, visit our page on Mature Age Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

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The Support for Adult Australian Apprentices (SAAA) scheme

The Support for Adult Australian Apprentices (SAAA) scheme encourages employers to take on workers aged 21+ and support them through their apprenticeship.

To be eligible for the support your apprentice needs to be 21 years of age or older when they commenced their apprenticeship, and completing a Certificate III or IV level trade qualification experiencing a skills shortage. A list of these trades can be found on the National Skills Needs List.

Eligibility for the payment is determined based on the actual wage paid to the apprentice being on or above the National Minimum Wage.

A payment of $4,000 will be paid at the 12 month mark to the employer. This payment is for both eligible full-time and part-time Australian Apprenticeships.

BUSY At Work is contracted by the Australian Government to administer the SAAA payments as part of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. We can assist you in making an informed decision about which qualification and training outcome will best suit your needs, along with information on appropriate training organisations and their delivery options

Eligibility criteria applies to all incentives.

THE BUSY GROUP LTD trading as BUSY At Work is a service provider contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Education and Training to provide support services to prospective and current employers and Australian Apprentices. THE BUSY GROUP LTD is one of a number of Network Providers in Queensland and Western Australia. This website does not represent the Australian Government, if you wish to access information about the Australian Apprenticeships, from the Australian Government you should access the Australian Apprenticeships website.

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