Indigenous Services


BUSY At Work offers the following services to employers:

  • Coaching

BUSY At Work has a skilled workforce that delivers coaching to Indigenous candidates as we understand that a highly skilled and capable workforce is critical to any organisation. We have a strong desire and passion to ensure that candidates succeed in their endeavours. We have worked on several successful Indigenous employment programs providing coaching to candidates with great success.

  • Critical Skills Training

Critical Skills Training will offer training in important workplace behaviour skills, such as a workplace communication, appropriate workplace behaviour and improved personal performance. This training complements the technical aspects of the apprenticeship and equips the apprentices/trainees with fundamental interpersonal skills.

  • Employee Coaching Programs

The purpose of the coaching program is to monitor and review the Apprentice’s application of skills development into the workplace. Their individual development plan will document the agreed goals and associated actions required to respond to the workplace successes and challenges.

  • Leadership Training

This training will be customised to suit an organisation’s needs. We offer several strategies to develop leadership, time management, goal setting to outcomes, self-leadership and leadership, workplace communications, coaching for success and problem solving.

  • Pre-employment Programs

These programs are developed for corporate organisations or communities who want to provide employment outcomes for residents within a community or organisation. These programs are focussed on providing sustainable employment outcomes for the participants. The programs can be Indigenous specific and provide opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved in the development or implementation of the programs.

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