Our Green Commitment


We therefore strive to reduce any harm that this may cause the environment and are committed to applying green practices so we can reduce our ecological footprint on the earth.

Our Green Code of Practice on waste and environment protection focuses on:

– Reducing waste.
– Reusing materials at every opportunity.
– Aligning ourselves with green suppliers and partners.
– Minimising the amount of printed materials and direct mail we use.
– Recycling.
– Encouraging our staff to be responsible, corporate green citizens.
– Utilising energies and water sparingly.
– Considering environmental impacts in our purchasing.
Endeavouring to work with partner organisations that share our green values.
– Utilising public transport wherever possible and its impacts on the environment.

It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we can by:

– Encouraging staff to actively avoid wasteful printing.
– Using both sides of waste paper before recycling. Use our environmentally friendly printer for any printing that we need to do.
– Turn off our computers and monitors when they are not being used.
– Make sure all heaters, air conditioners and lights are off in rooms not in use and overnight.
– Print one copy of memos and other inter-office documents and circulate them rather than printing off a separate copy for everyone.
– Use whiteboards and/or overhead projectors to display meeting agendas rather than printing and distributing them.
– Minimise our use of paper based marketing and registration.
– Recycle all non confidential paper in our office.
– Actively focusing on email and web based communication.
– Recycling our old computers, mobile phones and printer cartridges.
– We encourage all employees to think innovatory on improving the impact on the environment from their day to day role and actions.

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