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From Employers:


“Right from day one they have always been prompt and efficient and made the sign up process for Lachlan very easy for us. Having been through the process myself I am delighted to work with BUSY and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else”

Jeremy Scanlan, Golding Homes


“I recall being signed up to my apprenticeship through BUSY, back in 2005 and they were very professional in helping me get a start in the industry. BUSY really looked after me then so I had no hesitation in giving them a call when we needed a new apprentice to help grow our business”

Braedon Head Chef, Drift Café


“Taking on an apprentice is definitely worthwhile. It’s been very rewarding to watch them grow in confidence and want to stay on well after they’ve finished their trade. We have been working with BUSY since 2003 and they have always been prompt and efficient and made the signing up process very easy for us”.

Lenny Vievers, Building


“BUSY allows us to give our team members at Boost Juice, training experiences that impact their lives positively. We receive fantastic feedback from the school based trainees”

Sarah Williams, Boost Juice franchise owner.


“We have been partnering with BUSY At Work for over 12 months and Markayla is a great credit to the staff at BUSY who have helped prepare her for her traineeship.”

Leanne Amse, Gympie Regional Council Organisational Development Advisor


“The support we have received from BUSY has been exceptional and they are always on the front foot in signing up new apprentices and keeping us informed on changes in government subsidies,”

Maurice Logue, Education and Welfare Manager, Racing Queensland.


“BUSY At Work have made all the “red tape” easy to deal with. They always answer any questions promptly and are very good at keeping us up to speed and on time with paperwork and making sure we meet our obligations. I must also note that Busy at Work have also been very supportive of the young person we have employed. This opportunity has made an immense difference to their life. They now feel they have a future”.

Coralie Kedzlie, Horses and Humans, Transition to Work Employer

From Job Seekers:

“I finally get the chance to work in a job I know I will be very happy with! The BUSY staff have really looked after me. Valerie has been very positive and the interviewing skills I’ve learned really helped me get the job”

Rodhan Rai, Apprentice Plumber


“I really enjoy the interaction with the customers and getting to understand what is required to be a good chef. Braedan is a fantastic mentor and it’s been good that I am able to learn from him”

Brandon Whannell, Apprentice Commercial Cookery


“There are not a lot of women in the (painting) trade and I hope I can set an example for other women who might be considering this as a career option. Through an apprenticeship, BUSY At Work made it possible for me to pursue work I had always wanted to do”

Charlee Chaplin, Apprentice Painter


I just didn’t believe I could possibly get through a job interview, let alone work for such a high profile hotel chain in Mossman Gorge. Thanks to BUSY, this has changed my life – we have gone from being a ‘one wage’ family to now my partner and I both working

Nancy Pilot, Hospitality Trainee


“Without Paul’s support from BUSY At Work, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. The work is very busy, I’m learning heaps and my favourite part of the job is seeing a concept sketch turn into a finished product. Stephen and the team are very supportive and passing on their incredible knowledge”

Brock Hodgson, Jewellery Apprentice


“I would highly recommend Busy At Work. My consultant, Jason is very kind hearted, easy to talk too and will do anything he can to help his clients achieve the steps to get their dream jobs. If it wasn’t for Jason I wouldn’t be a qualified Assistant In Nursing right now and I would probably still be stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy. I now have my dream job and I couldn’t be happier!”

Sarah Amos, Transition to Work participant


“I’m ecstatic to be working in a field I am passionate about, my life has taken a new turn. I have learnt that even in the face of adversity, through perseverance and the wonderful assistance I have received from Jason at BUSY At Work, you can conquer any bad situation.”

Daniel Newell, former Job Seeker


“BUSY At Work has supported me a great deal with my job searching ever since I got referred to them early last year. I really like the staff at BAW and all of their help over the past months, I especially enjoy the weekly catch ups that way they can get a full idea of how everything is going. BAW not only helped me get the job I wanted but gave me a basic skill set and everything I needed to know on how to nail an interview etc. All of the staff at BAW are all super friendly and easy to relate to, it’s reassuring to know that I can count on my consultant to always help me when I need and give me a helping hand”.

Jayde Gardner, Transition to Work participant

“The highlights in my job are the flexible hours, I’ve met hundreds of people and made many relationships all around from Brisbane to Gold Coast. Every time I speak to Robyn [BUSY At Work mentor] she is always willing to help me, which I appreciate greatly. Robyn has also been a part of the reason that I have the confidence that I do today and I’m very grateful”.

Priscilla Kolanowski, former Job Seeker

“They were very caring and spent a lot of time mentoring me and helping me apply for jobs. I would recommend BUSY At Work to anyone wanting to achieve their employment goals”.

Diane Smith, former Job Seeker


“This job has given me a new lease of life and I’m especially thankful to BUSY for helping me with the renewal of my forklift license.”

Raymond Dixon, former Job Seeker

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