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Ever thought about doing an apprenticeship or traineeship?

BUSY At Work specialises in apprenticeships and traineeships.

At this kiosk you can start working on your future, search/apply for local jobs and upload your resume for potential employers to review.

How's an apprenticeship or traineeship better than a job?

There’s nothing wrong with a ‘job’ but apprenticeships and traineeships are ways to become trained and qualified in a trade or particular type of job. They offer benefits, including:

  • the ability to work and earn money while you’re getting your qualification
  • a nationally recognised qualification on completion of training
  • a mix of classroom or workshop learning (off-job) and practical (on-job) learning
  • real life experience in the workplace.

Apprenticeships and traineeships can be full-time, part-time or done while you’re still at school.

Earn while you learn

What's an apprenticeship? What's a traineeship?

An apprenticeship is the time spent learning a skilled trade under a qualified tradesperson. There are hundreds of different trades – from hairdresser to mechanic, electrician to chef, plumber to cabinet maker.

A traineeship is the time spent learning a job (or vocation) under a supervisor. You can do a traineeship in just about any workplace, for example in a shop, a fast food outlet or office.

What could I become?

There’s heaps of options, there’s over 600 qualifications available. The National Skills Needs List is a good place to start as it offers your future bosses extra financial incentives to take you on. Skills learnt in these jobs are in high demand. After completing your apprenticeship or traineeship you have a nationally recognised qualification allowing you to easily pick up similar work in other towns, cities and states.

I have more questions?

Send us a form enquiry or chat to us now.

How do I get started?

Fill out the below details and we’ll add you to our jobs board, Apprenticeship Central. Once you login, complete the profile and most importantly select your Job Preferences or a specific job you’re interested in. We can use your preferences to speak with employers to find a position for you. If you don’t have your resume handy come back to this Kiosk with it on your USB.

Our Career and Placement Advisors will also look over your resume and advise if there are any areas where you can tidy things up.

THE BUSY GROUP LTD trading as BUSY At Work is a service provider contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Education and Training to provide support services to prospective and current employers and Australian Apprentices. THE BUSY GROUP LTD is one of a number of Network Providers in Queensland and Western Australia. This website does not represent the Australian Government, if you wish to access information about the Australian Apprenticeships, from the Australian Government you should access the Australian Apprenticeships website.

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