Slide Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Program If you’re aged between 45 – 70, employed or recently unemployed (less than 9 months) and not receiving Australian Government employment assistance, we can help. DISCOVER MORE Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers

Employer Workforce Planning for Older Workers

Do you employ older workers who need some assistance with their career?

Skills Checkpoint offers a way of helping your employees find a pathway to a new or changed career, including up-skilling for roles within your business. As an added benefit, your staff may be eligible for a Federal Governments Skills and Training Incentive, which contributes to training and education fees for program participants.

Your staff will work closely with a Career Advisor on their work experience, strengths and preferences, and undertake individually tailored assessments to identify career and skiling options to develop a personalised Career Plan, including:

  • Skills they could enhance to increase their ability to perform in their current role;
  • Skills they can develop to get a new job or new career;
  • Advice and recommendations about skills and training

Eligible participants may access up to $2,200 (GST inclusive) as a co-contribution from the Australian Government to fund re-skilling or up-skilling opportunities.

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