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The impacts of COVID are vast, however, importantly it has highlighted the critical role that transport and logistics plays as essential service to keep our communities functioning.

With the freight tasking growing each year, it is important to consider how and where to source employees to manage your workforce into the future. With many people currently displaced from employment, it is an opportune time to look at who you can attract to your business and how you can grow your workforce.

As a QTA Workforce Partner, The BUSY Group, delivered a three- part breakfast and webinar series to help you delve deeper into your business and workforce culture to enable you to Recognise, Recruit and Retain the right employees to support the future of your business.

Below are the resources from each workshop/webinar.

Webinar # 1 – Recognise How to Build your Workforce

Information contained in your pack:
  1. Download Workshop 1 Presentation (PDF)
  2. Manage your Workforce – All of BUSY Brochure (Download PDF)
  3. Tips to Better Understand your Business and Culture (Download PDF)
  4. David Smith from Followmont Presentation – How to Recruit for the Trucking industry. Watch Video: https://vimeo.com/638868465  
  5. Cognisess – Assessment and Engagement Tool (Download PDF)
  6. Transition to Work – Hiring 15-24 year olds (Download PDF)
  7. Australian Apprenticeship Support Network
    a) Incentives and Support for Employers (Download PDF)
    b) Induction Guide for Employers (Download PDF)
    c) Gateway Services (Download PDF)

Webinar # 2 – Recruit – Getting the Right Fit

Information contained in your pack:
  1. Download Workshop 2 Presentation (PDF)
  2. Australian Apprenticeship Support Network
    1. A-Z of Apprenticeships and Traineeships (Download PDF)
    2. Incentives and Support for Employers (Download PDF)
    3. Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (Download PDF)
    4. Back to Work and Youth Boost Fact Sheet (Download PDF)
  3. Employment Services
    1. Australian Government Wage Subsidies (Download PDF)
    2. Youth Jobs PaTH Prepare Trial Hire (Download PDF)
  4. Cognisess
    1. Job Role Persona (Download PDF)
    2. Recruit with Cognisess (Download PDF)

Webinar # 3 – Retain Your Workforce

Information contained in your pack:
  1. Cognisess
    1. Retention in Organisations (PDF)
  2. Gateway Services and In-Training Support
  3. Women Take the Wheel Initiative
  4. Handy Tips for Retention
  5. Powerpoint Presentation – Webinar #3 – Retain Your Workforce
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