Australian Apprentice Trade Support Loan Online Portal


Our Australian Apprentice Portal now makes it easier for you to monitor your Trade Support Loans by offering these features:

  • Information on your current Trade Support Loans payment schedule
  • An alert to advise if an Opt-in Form is outstanding and the ability to re-generate the Opt-in SmartForm
  • Your Trade Support Loans Payment History

Current TSL Schedule:

This will display a message advising that the next TSL instalment is due on a particular date.

Outstanding TSL Opt-In Form:

This will display an alert to advise that there is an outstanding TSL SmartForm.

Due Date: This is the date that the Smart Form needs to be returned by to receive the next schedule of Trade Support Loans.
Status: This is the Status of the Smart Form. Pending means that the Smart Form needs to be completed.
Smartform Created Date: This is the date that the Smart Form was successfullly created last.
Re-Generate Form: This will allow you to regenerate the Smart Form from the portal.

TSL Loans History:

The TSL Loans History will provide a list of all paid instalments.

Contact Us: The contact us link will allow you to send an email directly to the BUSY TSL Team.

You are required to notify BUSY At Work of any changes to your circumstances, including changes to your contact details, which could affect your ability to qualify for and receive Trade Support Loans payments. You must make this notification within 14 days of the change occurring and where you fail to do this, you may be required to immediately repay to the Australian Government any amount you are not qualified to receive. Please do so via the contact us link.

Incentives: Click on the monetary value paid (last 12 months). This will provide you with a list of your instalments and amounts.

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