Skilling Queenslanders for Work Programs

Looking for a short course to boost your chances for employment? Skilling Queenslanders for Work (SQW) programs are a set of short courses funded and supported by the QLD Government.


Kick-Start Your Career

Our training initiatives are ideal for unemployed or under-employed persons or disadvantaged job seekers.

It’s an intelligent choice to undertake this type of training because it gives you the confidence needed to gain a job. Further, it also offers financial incentives to employers if they hire you, putting you at the top of the call list! Engaging in the SQW initiative not only gives you a host of new skills but gets you involved in the community, keeps you engaged and is an advantage when pursuing  job opportunities.

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Who is Eligible for the Skilling Queenslanders for Work Initiative?

With funding provided by the QLD Government, the focus of this initiative is for:

  • Young People
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • People living with disabilities
  • Mature-aged jobseekers
  • Women re-entering the job market
  • Veterans
  • Ex-service personnel
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

You must be over 15 years of age and no longer attending formal education to participate. Further, you must need support to gain dexterities so you can achieve:

  • A job
  • More stable employment opportunities
  • Build essential qualities for further study
  • Gaining experience after redundancy or after a long absence from your job
  • A QLD resident
  • Meet Australian requirements for residency.

Why Participate in BUSY Courses?

The BUSY philosophy is to ensure the right people get the right roles, which means getting the suitable proficiencies to do so. It’s simple, we want you to find meaningful career choices and feel confident that you have the knowledge and abilities to achieve this.

Engaging in a short course through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program shows potential employers that you are willing to learn, making you an asset to their business. If you’ve been out of a job for some time, a Skilling Queenslanders for work course can be just what you need to re-engage your positivity and reach your career goals.

There is a range of short courses available to skill Queensland residents for work, offering skills and training ranging from community services work, hospitality and tourism to construction and barbering. Some of these courses offer paid opportunities through a traineeship. We can  help you gain skills for employment, connect to industry employers and support your career direction.

The team at BUSY delivers Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs that can be anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks in duration, across different regions in QLD. 

We regularly announce new courses – please check back on this page soon or fill out the form below to register your interest.

This training is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government through its Skilling Queenslanders for Work programs.

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