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3 Ways Apprentices Can Future-Proof Your Industry

Between 2012 and 2016, the rate of apprentices and trainees who were in training dropped from 515,000 to 282,900. That’s a 45% decline, which is staggering. This data, from the Business Council of Australia, is not something to be scoffed at. In fact, it’s a pressing issue for prospective apprentices, employers and entire industries.

For business owners, who are often stuck between the micro issues of their staff and the macro concerns of the clients and the broader industry, there is much at stake when it comes to taking on apprentices. Apprentices are the obvious future.

There are many reasons that businesses may have reservations about committing to new apprentices, such as the costs, the perception that there’s a shortage of quality candidates and a lack of time or resources. But there are also plenty of advantages to training your own staff. Here are three reasons to consider taking on an apprentice, and how they can future-proof your business.

1. Better-trained employees

The old expression, “If you want a job done right it’s best to do it yourself,” can certainly be applied to workplace training. In order to acquire long-term staff who work to the same standards and can be relied upon to do a solid job unsupervised, it makes sense to train your staff to your own standards. There’s something to be said for finding candidates at a young age, teaching good workplace habits and fostering them to grow within the business. This results in better-trained employees and more satisfied employers.

The same can be said for mature aged trainees and apprentices who often have the drive to succeed when given the opportunity to prove their worth.

2. More loyal and valued employees

With a skills shortage comes a higher demand for jobs. In the short term, this can be good for those who already possess specialised skills because they can demand more pay and better working conditions. In the short term, this is good for workers because they can come and go as they please, knowing that they’ll be able to work when they want to. But in the long term, it’s bad for the industry because it creates a system where workers aren’t loyal and often feel undervalued. With more apprentices and qualified tradespeople, the industry, as a whole, functions at a higher standard.

3. A future-proof business

An apprentice is a long-term investment but one that will almost certainly pay off for generations to come. There is frustration across many industries that young people come from tertiary education with no skills, over qualified and wanting higher incomes, without the required skills. Generally, those who pursue a VET qualification finish with very clear qualifications and solid outcomes. New data from NCVER has shown that 77.7% of vocational education and training (VET) graduates were employed after training, which is massive compared to the outcomes from university graduates. Because VET training is primarily practical and first hand, apprentices come out of their training qualified and ready to work. This high-quality training future proofs the industry, and the future of your own individual business becomes more secure.

If you’re based in QLD and want to learn more about how hiring trainees and apprentices is the way forward in today’s workforce, contact us at BUSY. We can help you with the process of employing someone new or signing up a current employee and reaping the benefits of taking on a trainee or apprentice. Contact us on 13 BUSY (13 28 79) or 0421 268 884 (text only).

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