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B Green – Clean Energy Apprenticeships

B Green – Clean Energy Apprenticeships

Clean Energy Apprenticeship Support!

BUSY at Work’s B Green program offers a comprehensive support system for both apprentices and clean energy businesses. We’re passionate about creating a skilled workforce that drives the state’s transition to a net-zero economy.


What we do

Tailored Support: We collaborate with both apprentices and employers to design personalised programs that meet individual needs and business goals.

Connecting People: We bridge the gap by connecting qualified, passionate clean energy apprentices with employers who value their talent.

Ongoing Guidance: Our specialist mentors offer real-life industry experience and support throughout the apprenticeship journey.

Building Networks: We facilitate connections within the clean energy community, fostering collaboration and growth for both apprentices
and employers.

Streamlined Administration: We handle all paperwork and administrative tasks, freeing up everyone to focus on what matters most – learning and success.

For Employers

  • Build a team of enthusiastic and skilled clean energy professionals.
  • Upskill your team with the latest technologies and practices.
  • Gain fresh ideas and innovative thinking for a dynamic and growing industry.
  • Choose flexible training options that fit your
    business needs.
  • Minimise administrative burdens and free up your time.
  • Build valuable connections within the clean energy community.

For Apprentices

  • 12-week clean energy sector orientation information, delivered fortnightly.
  • Monthly check-ins for the first six months.
  • Two additional in-person apprentice visits.
  • Mid-apprenticeship career mentoring session to focus on skill retention in clean energy post-apprenticeship.
  • Digital platforms for connecting apprentices,
    creating a network and community of support.

Up to $10,000 for New Apprentices in Clean Energy

To encourage more apprentices to the clean energy sector, the Australian Government New Energy Apprentice Support Payment can provide an incentive of up to $10,000 for new apprentices.

From June 2024, the Australian Government expanded the New Energy Apprenticeships Program which provides incentives to encourage more people into sectors that are playing a critical role in transitioning Australia to a net zero economy.

From 1 June 2024, the program will be broadened to respond to issues raised by industry during consultations about the practical issues facing key sectors as they transition to clean energy and adapt to new technology. LEARN MORE

The New Energy Apprentice Support Payment is paid over the life of the Australian Apprenticeship, at the rate of $2,000 per payment (up to a total of $10,000) for full-time Australian Apprentices or $1,000 per payment (up to a total $5,000 in total) for part-time Australian Apprentices.


Apprenticeship Central - Connecting Employers and Apprentices!

Apprenticeship Central is a national recruiting jobs board, helping employers to find their next apprentice or trainee and job seekers to find an apprenticeship or traineeship.

It is free to register and search for positions or lodge your vacancy and find the best fit for you or your business. 

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