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Supporting Mature Age Workers

Skills & Experience for Australia’s Workforce

The BUSY at Work team is dedicated to supporting mature age workers! Australia’s workforce is aging, and employers value the stability, skills, experience and dedication that mature age workers bring. 

Through a range of supporting services, BUSY At Work can assist mature age workers with career mentoring support to help you (and your expertise) to remain in the workforce.

Whether you are looking for employment, want to become your own boss and start your own business, or gain new skills for a new career path, we’re here to assist. 

Read inspirational stories of other mature age workers, gain insights on trends in mature age employment, and find valuable resources to help you excel in your career. From navigating the job market to exploring flexible work options and lifelong learning opportunities, we’ve got you covered!

Employers seeking top talent will also find valuable resources on creating an age-inclusive environment.

Older man shaking hand at job interview

Career Paths for Older Workers

Experience is power!

BUSY at Work celebrates mature professionals. Dive into booming fields like healthcare, education, trades or tech – where your experience and skills will shine. Through Workforce Australia Employment Services, we can assist eligible candidates to find work. 

We’ll help you identify transferable skills from your prior work history, for example, leadership and problem-solving, valuable assets in any role. From trainer to project management to specialist positions, there are countless opportunities waiting. We can also help with insights on emerging trends that keep you competitive in the workforce.

Your life skills and experience are an advantage – let’s unlock your ideal career fit!

Self Employment Assistance

Do You Dream of Owning Your Own Business? We Can Help!

Thought about turning your brilliant business idea into reality? Or have you been working on your small business and want help to take it to the next level?

At BUSY at Work, we’re here to empower your entrepreneurial spirit. We partner with the Australian Government’s Workforce Australia to deliver the FREE Self-Employment Assistance Program.

This program is designed to help you transform your business idea into a thriving reality. Our expert team will guide you through every step, from refining your concept to developing a solid business plan. Whether you’re a complete beginner or need a boost for your existing startup, we’ve got the resources and support to help you succeed.

Ready to be your own boss? Contact us today or join one of our upcoming ‘Exploring Self-Employment Assistance’ workshops to learn more and see if this program is the perfect fit for you. Click the link below and get started on your exciting entrepreneurial journey today!

Mature-Age Apprenticeships

Age is an Asset: Launch Your New Career with an Apprenticeship!

Think apprenticeships are just for school leavers? Think again! At BUSY at Work, we help mature age workers like you reignite your careers through apprenticeships and traineeships.

Been out of the classroom for a while? No worries! A high school certificate isn’t a requirement, and our team is here to guide you every step of the way. In fact, we specialise in helping experienced adults like you transition into exciting new careers.

Your life experience is gold! Through a process called ‘recognition of prior learning’ (RPL), we can acknowledge your existing skills and knowledge, potentially reducing your training time and getting you qualified faster.

Ready to ditch the routine and embrace a fresh challenge? An apprenticeship or traineeship is a perfect way to gain new skills, earn while you learn, and build a rewarding career in a growing field. Click the link below to learn more and unlock a world of exciting possibilities!

Relevant Skills Training

Upskilling to remain relevant

At BUSY at Work, we know the importance of lifelong learning, especially in our fast-growing technical world. The good news? There are fantastic funding options available to help mature age workers gain the skills necessary to remain relevant in the workplace.

We’ll guide you through a range of government grants and subsidies specifically designed to support your upskilling journey. From low to no cost training courses in priority skills needs to initiatives offered by individual states, there’s likely a solution to bridge the cost gap and make that new qualification a reality.

Don’t let financial concerns hold you back – we’re here to help you unlock the resources you need to invest in your future!

Cognisess: Our Free Assessment Tool

Ready to ditch the guesswork and discover exciting new possibilities?

Are you a mature worker looking for a fulfilling new career path? At BUSY at Work, we understand the challenges of navigating the job market at any age. That’s why we partnered with Cognisess, a powerful online tool that uses data science and gamified assessments to uncover your hidden talents and ideal career matches.

Unlike traditional resumes that focus on the past, Cognisess goes beyond experience to identify your natural strengths, personality traits, and what truly motivates you. This personalized approach ensures career recommendations that align with your unique potential, not just your past jobs.

Success Stories:

Seeking inspiration? - Look no further!

In our “Success Stories” section, we showcase real-life examples of mature age workers who have thrived in the workforce. Read about individuals who have transitioned to exciting new roles, mastered new skills, and made significant contributions to their workplaces. Their stories will motivate you and demonstrate the immense value you bring as an experienced professional.

At 62, Amanda is now a trainee truck driver!

Truck driving is ‘a lifestyle, not a job’ – a lifestyle that 62-year-old Amanda Secombe is happy to roll with!  Previously working as a travel agent for 30 years, Amanda’s work was impacted greatly by COVID. After gaining her HR licence and driving buses for a while, she is now entering the transport industry – and rollin’ with it!

A former handyman, Simon struggled to find work...

“They helped me to get a resume together, how to talk at interviews properly because I’ve always had jobs that I’ve been able to just jump into, virtually because of my experience over the years.”

With support from BUSY, Simon was ready for interview – and, being the handyman he was, he nailed it!

Mark gets support to launch 'Doctor Dog'

With mentoring support from his dedicated Small Business Coordinator through the Self Employment Assistance program, Mark has since launched his own business, Doctor Dog, a Personal Dog Training service specialising in behavioural problem solving.

At 75, Noelene starts a Chef apprenticeship

With support through BUSY At Work’s Apprenticeship Network services, Noelene is now becoming a qualified chef. Noelene believes that, “As you’re getting older, it’s nice to be working, meeting people every day and keeping active!”

Additional Resources for Older Workers and Employers

Future Trends in Mature Age Employment

Australia's aging population creates a win-win situation:

Australia’s demographic is shifting, with the population steadily aging. This presents a unique opportunity for both employers and mature age workers. Let’s explore some key trends and predictions:

  • Employers need you: Fewer young workers means your experience is a goldmine. Age-friendly workplaces are on the rise!
  • Lifelong learning is key: Keep your skills sharp for future opportunities by staying curious and adaptable.
  • Flexibility matters: Work-life balance is in demand. Explore options like part-time, remote work, or job sharing.
  • Wellbeing focus: Age-appropriate workplaces will prioritize your physical and mental health.

Flexible Work Options:
A Key to Attracting and Retaining Mature Workers

In today’s evolving workplace, flexible work arrangements are no longer a perk, but a necessity for many. This is especially true for mature age workers who may have personal commitments outside of work, such as caring for elderly parents or grandchildren. By offering flexible schedules, remote work opportunities, or compressed workweeks, employers can tap into a valuable pool of experienced talent and improve employee satisfaction.

Studies have shown that flexible work arrangements lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved work-life balance for employees of all ages. For mature workers, these benefits can be even more significant. Flexible hours can allow them to manage their time more effectively, reduce stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, remote work options can eliminate lengthy commutes, freeing up valuable time and energy. Ultimately, by implementing flexible work arrangements, employers can create a more attractive and inclusive workplace that caters to the diverse needs of mature age workers, fostering loyalty and retention.

Fueling Potential:
Why Lifelong Learning Benefits Everyone

In today’s dynamic world, staying ahead of the curve requires a commitment to continuous learning. By investing in the ongoing education and development of our team, we’re not just checking a box – we’re unlocking a treasure trove of benefits for both our employees and the business as a whole. From enhanced skills and boosted confidence to a more innovative and engaged workforce, lifelong learning is a win-win that fuels potential at every stage of a career.

Training and Education

BUSY is all about empowering you to thrive throughout your career journey! Whether you’re looking to upskill, refresh your knowledge, or explore entirely new paths, we can guide you.

Here are some skill training options to refresh, restart or renew your career path!

  • Skilling Queenslanders for Work: For those who are looking to re-enter the workforce, this Queensland government initiative offers on-site, practical training programs in a range of industries. As well, you will connect with employers for potential job opportunities. Find out more.
  • Priority Skills Needs: For industries that are listed on the Australian Government Priority Skills Needs List, there are skills training incentives available. Find out More.
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTOs): The BUSY Group offers a range of accredited training to skill you up for the workforce or a change in career. Find out more

Remember, lifelong learning is key to staying competitive and achieving your career goals. Explore these resources, identify the skills you want to develop, and embark on your exciting learning journey!

Resume Assistance

Highlighting Your Experience

Your resume is your key to unlocking exciting job opportunities! Here at BUSY at Work, we understand the importance of crafting a stellar resume that showcases your valuable skills and experience. While we don’t offer direct resume writing services, we’ve compiled some fantastic resources to help you:

Interview Tips

At BUSY at Work, we know mature workers bring a wealth of experience to the table. We’ll equip you with interview tips to confidently showcase your strengths. From highlighting transferable skills to mastering behavioral questions, we’ll help you land that dream job!

Strange interview questions and how to answer them!

Strange interview questions and how to answer them!

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How long should I wait after an interview before following up?

How long should I wait after an interview before following up?

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How to overcome interview nerves

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