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Together – First Nation’s Apprenticeships

Together – First Nation’s Apprenticeships

Supporting First Nation’s Apprentices

BUSY at Work is a specialist provider of apprenticeship support services for First Nations people in New South Wales. Partnering with Yilabara to deliver culturally sensitive support, our focus is on empowering apprentices and employers to succeed.


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Helping You Succeed

BUSY at Work offers tailored support services to help First Nations people gain skills and qualifications through an Australian Apprenticeship. With
specialised, culturally sensitive supports to keep you moving forward, BUSY helps you see what’s possible and empowers you to achieve it.

With a holistic approach to your success, we’ll collaborate on your unique support program, match you with the right employer, provide guidance from First Nations mentors, offer ongoing community support, connect you with peers, and handle the administrative tasks – all to empower you
to thrive in your chosen career path.

For Apprentices

As an apprentice, being supported by BUSY at
Work brings you a world of possibilities:

  • Tailored assessment, including transport and
    kinship assessment.
  • Intensive contact within the first 4 weeks.
  • Fortnightly contacts.
  • Two additional in-person apprentice visits.
  • Participation in community events early in the apprenticeship journey.
  • Dedicated First Nations call centre routing direct to First Nations mentors.
  • Culturally appropriate wrap-around support.
  • Promoting employer awareness and targeted training where appropriate.

For Employers

Empower your workforce and build stronger community ties with BUSY at Work.

We’ll tailor an apprenticeship program to your specific needs, provide cultural sensitivity training and support both your apprentices and your business for a successful outcome. This fosters a more diverse and inclusive workplace, while strengthening partnerships within the community.

Apprenticeship Central - Connecting Employers and Apprentices!

Apprenticeship Central is a national recruiting jobs board, helping employers to find their next apprentice or trainee and job seekers to find an apprenticeship or traineeship.

It is free to register and search for positions or lodge your vacancy and find the best fit for you or your business. 

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