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Creating a sustainable world requires collective responsibility, extending from individuals to corporations and the global community. Corporate social responsibility plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our planet. With the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serving as a guiding compass for global and corporate leadership, the BUSY Group, a not-for-profit organisation, is actively engaged in promoting employment, education, training and health initiatives. Our efforts are aligned with the broader objectives outlined by the UN.

Good Health and Well-being:
Prioritising employee and community wellness through flexible work arrangements, psychological support and partnerships with community organisations and health service providers.
Quality Education:
Education initiatives include alternative schools, RTOs, Commonwealth Scholarship and Education programs and training for BUSY staff.
Gender Equality:
Encouraging women in male-dominated trades through mentorship and inclusive employment practices.
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:
Driving growth and innovation with a social purpose, especially in underserved regions, through creative strategies and digital technologies.
Affordable and Clean Energy:
Empowering the clean energy sector through skills development, apprenticeships and traineeships, and promoting Government New Energy Program.
Decent Work and Economic Growth:
Bridging the skills gap and fostering inclusive employment delivering government funded programs and support services.
Reduced Inequalities:
Empowering marginalised communities through educational access and employment support, including initiatives for disengaged high school students, people living with disability and ex-offenders.

BUSY’s response to the UN SDGs :

The BUSY Group is leading the way as an employer who promotes health and well-being for our staff and customers. We do this by:

  • Offering real work-life balance that includes flexible work arrangements, hybrid home and office work and an Employee Assistance Program that includes access to counselling for our staff and their families.
  • BUSY Health supports community members, BUSY School students and job seeker candidates, with access to occupational and psychological support services.
  • The BUSY School provide students with essential information required to live healthy and positive lives, including exercise, diet and money-management.
  • BUSY At Work mentoring services are made available to our employer customers, apprentices and trainees to ensure safe workplaces that are free from risk, harassment or bullying.
  • The BUSY Group partners with other community service organisations to enable referral of customers to vital services housing, domestic violence support and youth services.

At The BUSY Group, we view education as a transformative tool that empowers individuals to steer their life in a positive direction. Our education initiatives include: 

  • The BUSY School—which focus on re-engaging disengaged youth and guiding them toward further education or vocational pathways.
  • BUSY Skills, where our Registered Training Organisations deliver quality education that drives upskilling and greater employment opportunities, particularly in industries that are experiencing skills shortages.
  • A range of Commonwealth Scholarship and Education programs for school students and adults.
  • The BUSY Group provides upskilling and training programs to staff to enhance their career prospects within the organisation.

Promoting gender equality, we empower women to embark on trades in traditionally male-dominated industries, emphasising that jobs don’t have genders. Through BUSY At Work’s Australian Apprenticeship Support Services services, our experienced female mentors focus on promoting and supporting women to enter their chosen trade, including engineering, construction, Information Technology and other traditionally male roles. Additionally, The BUSY Group fosters gender diversity by employing an equal or greater number of women in executive positions and cultivating an inclusive environment at every level of the organisation.

The BUSY Group drives affordable clean energy initiatives through the promotion, skills development and sourcing of employees, apprentices and trainees in the sector. Working alongside small, medium and large (national and multinational) organisations’ we support the skills and human resourcing requirements of the clean energy industry. BUSY promotes Australian Government incentives for clean energy apprentices and trainees—facilitating growth in the sector to provide affordable, sustainable energy for Australian communities, including often disadvantaged remote communities.

The BUSY Group’s service deliveries are aligned with our vision to see more people in jobs, more people learning new skills and more communities exposed to positive change, in partnership with employers and industry.

Through our delivery of State and Australian Government funded employment services, apprenticeship support, mentoring programs (for youth, mature workers and women in male-dominated trades) and a range of education, skills development and scholarship programs to support community members and industry, we’re supporting individuals to find meaningful career pathways and Australian business with skills and human resource needs.

We believe everyone who wants to work deserves to and with a holistic approach, we support individuals to overcome barriers to work. This includes access to education, skills development, and mental health support, to ensure individuals are fit for work.

The BUSY Group is supporting industry to address skills shortages through a provision of workforce candidates that include skilled youth, registered job seekers, persons living with disability, ex-offenders, women in male-dominated trades and sustaining the skills and experience of mature aged workers

Working with Local, State and Federal Governments, as well as large, national organisations, The BUSY Group specialises in training and providing staff for careers in infrastructure development and sustainable industries. We take a unique approach to our organisational growth, embedding a strong social purpose within our strategic planning. This approach involves forming a dedicated team that seeks to expand our services globally into areas that need it most, including regional and remote Australia, and other locations that could benefit from our offerings.

At The BUSY Group, we are constantly pushing boundaries around innovation, whether through the application of psychological behavioural insights to better support individuals or the creation of digital technologies, to allow everyone easy access to similar services.

To encourage equality in the communities we serve, The BUSY Group prioritises support for marginalised individuals through access to education, training and pathways to fulfilling careers. Our initiatives include:

  • The BUSY School, which provide educational opportunities for senior high school students who have disengaged or are at risk of disengaging from their learning. The school is proving highly successful, facilitating students’ reintegration into learning and vocational pathways. With seven campuses in Queensland, Australia (including an inclusive school for those who identify as female), our ambition is to support more young people by opening further campuses across the nation.
  • BUSY At Work provides access to a range of tailored employment services that connect jobseekers with employment opportunities.
  • BUSY Ability delivers employment services to support and connect jobseekers living with disability into employment.
  • BUSY Ability also supports people who have a criminal conviction or who may be exiting the prison system, to become work ready and find meaningful work.  

We are committed to enabling every individual to overcome their barriers, ensuring equitable access to work, training and education, regardless of their socio-economic and well-being status. The BUSY Group is an equal opportunity employer that focuses on ability to do the work, regardless of physical condition, gender, race or religion.

As an organisation, we acknowledge the substantial journey ahead in achieving our goals, and remain dedicated to adapting to evolving environments. By aligning our objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, The BUSY Group continues to foster partnerships with industry, government and communities, steadfast in our commitment to creating a world that is healthy, safe and equitable for all.

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