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Youth and Community Services

Youth and Community Services

Empowering Young People, Strengthening Communities

BUSY Youth and Community Services is dedicated to empowering young people and enriching communities across Australia. We offer comprehensive support aimed at breaking down barriers to education and employment, so every young person has the opportunity to thrive.

Our approach is centred on identifying and addressing potential barriers to completing or engaging with education, stable employment, and overall well-being. These include challenges like housing instability, difficulties with school retention, complex family relationships, alcohol and drug use and youth justice issues. By intervening early and tackling obstacles head-on, we can empower young people, foster resilience and prepare them for future education or employment opportunities. Our proactive approach not only enhances the lives of individuals, it plays a crucial role in improving long-term youth unemployment rates and strengthening community bonds.

Key Focus Areas

  • Education Transition and School Retention: Programs to support the smooth transition from primary school to high school and support to help students stay engaged with their education.
  • Career Planning for Students: Programs to support students and their parents and guardians to identify career opportunities that align with their skills and areas of interest.
  • Youth Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Diversionary Programs: Programs to support young people who have identified AOD as a barrier to education or employment.
  • Youth Justice: Programs to divert young people from the youth justice system and engage them in education or work.
  • Housing and Homelessness: Supported accommodation for young people with the delivery of youth shelters, transitional accommodation and alternative housing options for young people who are employed or studying.
  • Family Relationships and Reunification Programs: Early intervention programs focused on stabilising family relationships to address the issue of youth homelessness.
  • Community Connections: Non-youth specific programs to facilitate community wide connection and address barriers to education, employment and social participation.

At BUSY Youth and Community Services, we are committed to developing innovative programs to address service delivery gaps for young people. We work in partnership with community groups and services and state youth peak bodies, as well as government departments to ensure our services are comprehensive and impactful at a local level.

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