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Early Childhood Scholarships and Incentives

Early Childhood Scholarships and Incentives

If you have ever considered a career in early childhood teaching, great opportunities are now available in Victoria.

With the Victorian State Government implementing subsidised kindergarten programs for all three-year-olds, many families are utilising this opportunity which is creating more jobs for the sector.

The State Government recognises the need for more skilled professionals to educate our young people and contribute to our already diverse and experienced education sector.

Paving Your Future with Early Childhood Scholarships in Victoria

Providing incentives paves the way for career progression and gives our younger generation access to quality and sustainable education. These are available for teaching roles in most Victorian local government areas.

To learn more about incentives and Early Childhood Scholarships go to the Victorian Department of Education’s website.



Financial assistance is available to Australian and New Zealand citizens or holders of a permanent visa who meet the entry requirements for the course provider.

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