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Employers A-Z of Apprenticeships and Traineeships

A-Z of apprenticeships and traineeships

There are over 500 qualifications available for apprenticeships and traineeships, in a wide range of industries. These include administration and business, agriculture, building and construction, hospitality, conservation and land management, design, information technology, mining, legal services, community services, manufacturing, engineering, automotive – and many more!

To view all the qualifications available check out our A-Z Guide for Apprenticeships and Traineeships (PDF).

When you sign up an apprentice or trainee in your workplace, BUSY At Work:

  • Source and explain all the information you need
  • Complete the Training Contract with you and your new apprentice or trainee
  • Induct your apprentice or trainee and explain the rights and responsibilities of both parties under the Training Contract
  • Provide information about potential financial incentives available to you or your apprentice or trainee
  • Keep in regular contact with you and your apprentice or trainee to ensure reasonable progress is being made
  • Offer mentoring assistance to you and your apprentice or trainee to support their success

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