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Overcoming Age Barriers – Simon’s Inspiring Journey into Work

Groundsman working in garden
Groundsman working in garden

Previously working as a handyman, Simon found himself unemployed and for a long time, was struggling to find work again due to his mature age. Not ready to hang up his hat, Simon came to CoAct BUSY At Work to gain support into work through the Workforce Australia’s Employment Services program.

Corey, Simon’s employment consultant at BUSY At Work, saw an opening for a general groundskeepper position at a local over 50s village through Hometown Australia Communities. Hometown is known for their innovative over 50s lifestyle communities across Australia.

Simon said of the support, “They helped me to get a resume together, how to talk at interviews properly because I’ve always had jobs that I’ve been able to just jump into, virtually because of my experience over the years.”

With support from Corey, Simon was ready for interview – and, being the handyman he was, he nailed it!

“BUSY At Work were really good after I got the job with supplying uniforms and everything, and help that I needed after that too.”

Fiona Stevenson, Community Manager at Hometown, said, “Simon is the perfect candidate that was put forward to us through BUSY At Work. The team at BUSY At Work are very supportive and I found them to be very helpful. They’ve always put forward some really great candidates.”

After working at Hometown for four months, Simon is really enjoying the work saying, “It’s fantastic. I’m the sort of person that needs to be working. I need to be keeping busy and, yeah, I’m very happy. This job’s given me back my self-esteem and my confidence.”

BUSY At Work support job seekers of all ages into work. Whether you’re just starting out in your career and needing that first job, or needing to refresh your skills to re-enter work, or you’re a mature age person like Simon and not yet ready for retirement, we can assist. Whatever stage in your career, there is an opportunity to find work that suits every person.

The impact of work is not just financial either, having a sense of purpose, finding a community and having that social interaction is also important for general wellbeing.

Employment Consultant Corey summed it nicely by saying, “The biggest change we see in people is their attitude; going from not going to work to getting into employment, how their attitude changes, how their family life changes, and the positive impact it has on all aspects of their lives.

“We help people who are looking for a change, looking for a first chance, second chance or just looking for a general start in their career or new pathway. Something I tell job seekers is never give up, and we’re here to help!”

Supporting employers to find good staff is also a priority at BUSY At Work. As Fiona says, “I would highly recommend touching base with BUSY At Work as I’ve found them really easy to work with.”

Watch how BUSY At Work supported Simon’s journey into work:

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