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A Charitable Partnership for Mental Health Support

Man presenting donation cheque of $15000 to charity
Man presenting donation cheque of $15000 to charity

Fostering Mental Health: The BUSY Group’s New Charitable Partnership

In a significant move towards fostering mental health and wellbeing, The BUSY Group proudly announces its new charity partnership with the Survivors of Suicide Bereavement Support Association (SOSBSA). This collaboration reflects The BUSY Group’s commitment to supporting the community and aligns seamlessly with BUSY’s core values. SOSBSA, a non-profit and charitable self-help association, plays a crucial role in providing essential assistance to individuals navigating the emotional aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide.

SOSBSA’s Role in Suicide Bereavement Support

SOSBSA supports those affected by suicide loss through a compassionate community and bereavement groups. Through awareness initiatives, they also break the stigma around suicide and mental health. Committed to prevention, SOSBSA engages in campaigns and programs addressing root causes of suicide and for a society that supports mental health care.

Addressing Grief and Preventing Suicide: A Dual Focus

Spokesperson for SOSBSA, Darrin Larney says the organisation focuses on addressing grief and loss, but they also prioritise suicide prevention. There is a significantly higher risk—up to ten times more—for survivors of suicide to experience  suicidal thoughts themselves.

A Personal Journey of Healing and Giving Back

“SOSBSA saved me,” Larney said.

“24 years ago, I was really struggling after losing my partner to suicide and was suicidal myself.

 “Volunteers from SOSBSA provided me with the help I needed to carry on and I have worked with them, paying it forward, ever since.” 

The BUSY Group’s decision to partner with SOSBSA reflects its dedication to supporting health and wellbeing within the community. By aligning with an organisation that provides crucial services for suicide bereavement, The BUSY Group underscores the importance of mental health support and the need for collective efforts to address this challenging issue.

Larney said that he believes SOSBSA is the longest running organisation of its kind and has never received any operational funding before.

“We are so grateful for this partnership with BUSY,” he said.

“It creates the opportunity to help more people with services across more areas, in more ways, providing our community with stability and certainty so that we can deliver on our objectives”.

A Collaborative Effort Towards a Brighter Future in Mental Health

As The BUSY Group embarks on this meaningful journey with the Survivors of Suicide Bereavement Support Association, the collaborative efforts are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by suicide loss. This partnership not only reflects The BUSY Group’s commitment to social responsibility but also emphasises the power of community support in promoting mental health and wellbeing. Together, the aim is to create a brighter future by offering hope, understanding and vital resources to survivors of suicide.

(L-R) Paul Miles, Managing Director of The BUSY Group, presenting Darrin Larney, Treasurer of Survivors of Suicide Bereavement Support Association with a donation of $15,000.

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