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Accountancy and finance jobs on the rise

If you’ve always had a head for numbers, then financial services traineeships could provide lucrative opportunities in the months and years ahead.

New statistics from Hays Australia show accountancy and finance jobs are in high demand, with financial accountants, payroll officers and credit controllers especially sought after.

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If you’re certain that a career in accountancy and finance is what you want to do, the Hays data has some encouraging signs. Vacancies are on the rise nationwide, with activity in New South Wales reaching two-year highs. Queensland is enjoying an increase in public sector hiring following the recent state election, while Western Australia has seen a steady improvement in permanent recruitment.

The current market

Lynne Roeder, Regional Director of Hays Accountancy & Finance, said the property and construction industries are particularly keen to hire qualified finance candidates.

“Businesses within these sectors are increasing their headcount through both permanent and temporary-to-permanent placements,” she explained.

“In an encouraging trend for the economy as a whole, we’re also seeing some growth in the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) market in the form of job share and part-time roles that are designed to support existing members of staff.”

The trend towards flexible recruitment solutions could spell good news for people considering apprenticeships and traineeships, as it shows organisations are willing to try new approaches to solve widening skills gaps. According to Ms Roeder, bosses are currently looking for candidates who can make a change to the organisation and contribute towards putting new systems in place.

“[Employers] are looking for high-quality recruits who can contribute towards improving productivity and performance,” she added.

Specific roles highlighted by Hays included temporary financial accountants to help with end-of-year financial tasks, credit controllers that can streamline efficiencies and operational accounting applicants with analytical skills. Numerous senior positions are also available, suggesting there are solid future career progression opportunities for ambitious, dedicated trainees.

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