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Addressing Australia’s Skills Shortage Crisis

For years now, even before the pandemic, Australia has been experiencing a labour and skills shortage crisis. In fact, Australia’s skill shortage is the second highest in the OECD.

The Australian Government recognises the situation as critical and is addressing the skills shortages through a number of measures including offering incentives to employers in skills-need industries and free training for apprenticeships or traineeships. Find out more.

BUSY At Work, one of the longest serving (since 1998) and largest Australian Apprenticeship Services Network providers, is working closely with education providers, industry, employers, and government to address the skills shortages in Australia. Through supporting skills and vocational pathways for young people and jobseekers in industries where skills are needed, BUSY is making a difference. In fact, BUSY At Work is 11% above the national average for supporting apprentices and trainees to gain qualifications in priority-listed occupations.

The in-training numbers of apprentices and trainees in priority listed trades are a purposeful result in BUSY At Work’s approach which includes mentoring and career advice and BUSY has long taken a proactive and positive approach with younger generations that is effective in supporting them throughout their apprenticeship or traineeship.  

The National Skills Commission, who release a skills priority list each year, showed that in 2022, there were shortages in 286 occupations, compared to 153 in 2021. The number of jobs advertised reached 309,900 in August 2022, which is a 42 per cent increase from August 2021.

Crucial for industry growth in the future, there is still much to be done but BUSY will continue to address skills shortages through education, vocational skills training, and promoting and supporting the next generation to consider career pathways that have exceptional potential for the future.

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