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Apprenticeships in Queensland set to receive renovations boost

The increase in hiring is linked to housing starts, with 2015 expected to be a record year in terms of the development of new dwellings. In fact, BIS Shrapnel claimed 200,000 homes are due to commence construction this year.

Talent shortages across the trades could also mean good news for those pursuing apprenticeships in the country.

Michael Renwick, managing director of building firm Hotondo Homes, said there is already a lack of skilled workers, adding that a “housing boom will add more pressure”.

Master Builders Association Chief Economist Peter Jones claimed there is no difficulty finding subcontractors at the moment, but as hiring begins to increase, many companies may struggle to secure qualified tradespeople.

However, he claimed that while intentions to take on new apprentices are at seven-year highs, this has yet to translate into a significant jump in apprenticeship commencement rates.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

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