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Aviation industry faces engineering shortage.

Aviation industry faces engineering shortage.

More engineers are needed to support the Australian aviation industry.

A decreasing number of people completing engineering courses could lead to a skills shortage in the aviation industry, one expert has suggested.

Airbus executive vice president of engineering Charles Champion told News Limited the growing aviation industry risked a shortage of skilled workers as experienced engineers retire in the next few years.

Fewer people than ever are enrolling in engineering programs, with school leavers and workers becoming increasingly attracted to working in other sectors such as finance, information technology and mining.

Speaking about the future of the Aviation industry, Mr Champion revealed a number of factors that are intrinsic to improving the efficiency of the sector.

“If you want to succeed in 2050, it’s about engaging this talent,” he explained.

Airbus forecasts that as more people begin to favour air travel, passenger traffic will double over the next 15 years – putting more pressure on the industry.

As well as declining enrolment numbers in engineering courses, Mr Champion said about 40 per cent of people failed to complete their training

Only half the numbers of engineers needed for Australia’s aviation sector are completing courses nationwide, Mr Champion explained, with dropout and failure rates sitting at about 40 per cent.

“And of those that finally make it into aeronautics, we’re seeing a growing skills gap,” he added.

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