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Bobbie balances motherhood with her mining role!

As a stay-at-home mum raising her two boys, Bobbie was looking for an opportunity to build a career for herself once the boys got a bit older. She had always had an interest in mining and enjoyed fixing things with tools. When she heard about BHP’s opportunities through the FutureFit Academy, she jumped at the chance to commence a traineeship as a Maintenance Associate Mechanical Fitter.

The BHP FutureFit Academy offers a chance for anyone who has always dreamed about starting a career in maintenance or production roles but were not sure where to start. With centres located in Perth and Newman (Western Australia), and Mackay (Queensland), the Academy offers a purpose-built learning centre for trainees and apprentices while undertaking their qualifications and working as a permanent employee. Once graduated, they are then offered ongoing employment with BHP.

BUSY At Work, an Australian Apprenticeship Services provider, supports BHP FutureFit Academy learners upon commencement of their training right through to completion and offer mentorship and a regular point of contact external to BHP.

Bobbie said of her journey, “Before joining BHP, my primary role was a stay-at-home mum, caring for my two sons while my partner was the full-time working parent. We have since switched roles now that our children are older, giving me the opportunity to build a career.

“With my role as a Maintenance Associate Mechanical Fitter, I can turn my passions and interests into a career. The best part of my traineeship has been discovering new skill sets such as welding and oxy-cutting. Being able to learn, practice and perfect these skills all in one place has given me new abilities I will keep forever.”

Like all working mums, balancing work and motherhood can prove challenging, even with a husband at home.

“Some of the challenges that I have faced while undertaking my traineeship have been balancing my life as a wife and mum of boys with my career path. I have been very fortunate with the 7/7 roster which has been a huge help for me to maintain that balance.”

Bobbie believes that attention to detail and enjoying the learning process is a must when following a career path as a Maintenance Associate Mechanical Fitter. She is looking to grow her skills and career in the mines saying, “My career plans involve further building my qualification, as well as on the job experience. I hope to build skill sets that will benefit me and my family’s future.”

Sue Loch, Chief Commercial Officer at The BUSY Group, said, “BHP’s FutureFit Academy is an innovative and strategic learning platform for those looking for a rewarding career in the mines.

“For many years, the BUSY Group has been supporting BHP and other large Australian organisations. We look forward to continuing to provide support for the mining industry and many other industries in Australia where skills are required.”

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