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BUSY At Work Helped Rhys Re-join the Workforce After Taking Care of His Family

Rhys was working as a baggage handler at an airport a few years ago until choosing to leave the workforce to focus his time and energy on taking care of his mother who had fallen ill, and his grandmother who had just moved in at the time.

Having recently heard about an opportunity to do a Certificate I in Conservation and Land Management, funded through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program and under a paid traineeship, Rhys decided it was time to re-enter the workforce and this opportunity could help make that happen.

Rhys is now four weeks into his new traineeship at Wynnum Manly District Cricket Club and is absorbing everything he can from it.

“I am now 30 and finally know what I want to do with my life so I am going to try take on as much as I can because these first initial steppingstones are the ones that matter most,” said Rhys.

With fifteen participants in the traineeship program, the participants are working to transform what used to be a car park into a junior sports field for the soccer club.

“There is such a large group of guys with a lot of them being younger and it is really impressive to see everyone get involved and work as hard as they all have,” said Rhys.

“We have learnt how to cultivate different plants and keep the moisture in the soil and unlike some of the other guys here, I am starting completely from scratch but for me there is no better place to start.”

“I would like to eventually find work in land management but first I want to further my certificate and go on to do a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management and maybe even a Certificate IV after that,” Rhys added.

Rhys’ trainer, Jarrod Bird, has been a land keeper for 20 years and is passing on his horticultural knowledge to the participants during their traineeship.

“Rhys is a really good guy who is eager to get in and do the work and he is getting along with the other guys as well,” said Jarrod.

Rhys said Jarrod and Libby (his BUSY At Work Mentor), made him feel comfortable and encouraged him to get involved.

“If you slip up, they won’t come down on you but will instead coach you and show you the right way to do it,” said Rhys.

“I encourage anyone thinking about starting a traineeship to jump in and do it. It’s never too late, I am a shining example of that.”

Paul Miles, Managing Director at BUSY At Work said, “Along with Australian Apprenticeship Support services, BUSY At Work provide a range of funded programs to assist job seekers to get a foot in the door and reskill for their career. The Skilling Queenslanders for Work program offers great opportunities for people, like Rhys, to learn on the job and gain recognised skills. It’s great that Rhys has a career goal he is passionate about and is working to complete his traineeship.”

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