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Busy Beat Cafe helps Jesse overcome barriers

Jesse Simmons is a confident young man who enjoys a challenge. As a person with disability Jesse has had a lot of obstacles to overcome but that hasn’t stopped him from moving forward in his career.

Next year Jesse will continue his studies at the Claremont State Special School, undertaking a number of two year certificate courses that the school introduced in 2014.

On top of this, Jesse has taken the opportunity to commence a school-based traineeship in hospitality at the Busy Beat Café in Ipswich.

Jesse is a highly regarded student and school-captain and as part of his hospitality studies at school he recently completed several days of work experience at the Busy Beat Café.

“The work experience helped me a lot with my confidence,” said Jesse.

The primary purpose of the Busy Beat hub is to provide local jobseekers an opportunity to undertake real world work experience, pre-apprenticeship training, provide employment opportunities and offer a transition into the workforce within a supportive environment.

Current and past work experience partnerships have come through Claremont Special School and Endeavour Foundation.

The hub has been an important service for disengaged young people and those with disability to gain the confidence needed to identify and pursue their goals.

Having indicated he had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Busy Beat staff considered Jesse to be an excellent candidate for a school-based trainee vacancy which became available.

BUSY At Work, Employment Consultant and Ipswich Hub Coordinator, Roslyn Englund said the work experience programs were very successful.

“Busy Beat enables jobseekers the chance to train and work within a safe and caring environment and empowers each individual with the skills, ability and confidence to embrace their own future.”

“Jesse is an enthusiastic worker and his confidence and communication skills improved greatly as result of undertaking the work experience in the Café and we were delighted to offer him a traineeship,” said Ms Englund.

The work experience program in the Café is coordinated through local schools, Registered Training Organisations and the general community to provide a safe and rewarding learning experience.

Lisa Wright, VET Coordinator at Claremont State Special School said the school was really pleased with the outcome.

“Jesse Simmons is a popular and exemplary student and a positive leader in his role as school captain.”

“Jesse always tries his best at everything he does and we are extremely proud of his recent engagement in a school-based traineeship with Busy Beat Café,” said Ms Wright.

Once the traineeship is complete Jesse will hold a Certificate III in Hospitality. This is a great example of a successful outcome through a collaborative effort between Claremont Special School and BUSY At Work.

For further information about apprenticeships and traineeships or the Busy Beat Café call 13 2879.


MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

0438 173 960

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