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BUSY wins Australian Apprenticeship contracts in Queensland and Western Australia

BUSY At Work today announced they have won the contract to deliver the Australian Apprenticeship Support Servicess (Australian Apprenticeship Support Services) across Queensland and in Western Australia.

BUSY At Work CEO, Mr Paul Miles said it was extremely pleasing that BUSY had secured the provider contracts for the apprenticeship service delivery.

“This is an excellent achievement for BUSY and is reflective of BUSY’s experience in delivering successful apprenticeship services across Queensland.

“We are very excited with the expansion of our apprenticeship services as this will allow us to help more people secure their career paths. We look forward to supporting apprentices, trainees, employers and communities throughout Queensland and Western Australia through the new network,” Mr Miles said.

BUSY has partnered with Skill360 in Queensland and Job Futures in Western Australia.

Since 1998 BUSY At Work has played a key role in growing Australian Apprenticeships in Queensland and is the longest serving Australian Apprenticeships Centre (AAC) in the state.

From 1 July this year, Australian Apprenticeship Support Services will replace the Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC) with the objective to reduce red tape and place greater focus on improving the completion rates of apprentices and trainees.

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Services model will provide a one stop shop system for employers, apprentices and trainees by reducing streamlining processes during the life of the training contract.

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Services model is expected to reduce duplication and complexity in the apprenticeship and traineeship system and allow more effective interaction with employers, apprentices, trainees and other stakeholders.

BUSY At Work will administer services such as the sign up and client contacts and where the need is identified, will deliver support service streams to priority clients. This may include career advice, individualised screening and job matching to suitable employers. Extra support will be tailored for at risk apprentices including mentoring to help increase apprenticeship completion and retention rates.

Mr Miles said “BUSY has developed a strong working relationship with Job Futures and Skill360. “By strengthening our partnership with these organisations we are able to improve BUSY’s position in this growing service sector. These working relationships will contribute to the success of our apprenticeship service delivery allowing us to expand throughout Queensland and now into Western Australia.

MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator


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