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Creating a standout resume

Creating a standout resume

By following some simple steps you can have a stand out CV to hand to prospective employers.

Whether you are in search of entry level of jobs or you are looking for a new position to further your career, job hunting can be a challenging task.

With an increasingly competitive employment market, it is important that you invest time and effort into your resume to enhance your job chances.

For those with specific skill sets, particularly in drilling or engineering, the employment sector is thriving, with thousands of job opportunities a by-product of the state’s mining industry.

However, as with any position you apply for it is important to tailor your application and resume to a specific position to improve your employment prospects.

Presentation and format of your resume are key factors in the application process. If you submit your CV in an incorrect format, your application will be futile.

Most employers prefer a concise application – direct and to the point. A cover sheet is unnecessary and wastes space and time, instead put your contact details at the top of your resume. The general rule is that resumes should be no longer than three pages.

“As a recruiter I see a lot of excessively long resumes. Whilst I understand you are proud of your experience, realistically the last ten years are what we view as having the most relevance”, said Kathie Kelly, National Manager, BUSY At Work Recruitment Solutions.

“If you have been in the workforce longer than 10 years then school marks are no longer necessary, less than 10 years and they could be beneficial.”

Avoid the temptation to use fancy formatting – the simpler the better. The last thing you want is for borders and elaborative fonts to detract from your information. Leave out marital status, hobbies and your age unless these things are specifically requested by the employer.

While there are a number of different layout styles to choose from, an effective resume layout will normally include the following information: personal details, career objective – usually just a small paragraph and ensure you make this relevant.

“A pet hate of mine is an applicant who has a career objective listed that in no way matches or reflects the job advertised”, says Ms Kelly.

The layout should continue with your professional experience – brief and informative bullet points are effective and try to replicate some of the key words the employer mentions , job summary – detail measurable achievements for each of your roles rather than just listing your tasks, education – keep this to the point, subject, degree, and finally referee details making sure your referees are aware you are job hunting.

Finally check and double check, have someone else take a look before you send – this could be your passport to the job of your dreams, so don’t underestimate the importance of getting this right.

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