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Employers encouraged to promote apprenticeships in important areas

Employers are being encouraged to provide greater opportunities to those looking to get into certain key industries. This comes from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), which has recently released details of the industries which need involvement from employers.

The five areas which the NCVER pointed to which need to reach higher skill levels are: food and agriculture; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; mining equipment, technology and services (METS); oil and gas; and advanced manufacturing.

While some of these industries require a university-level qualification, many of the skill gaps can be filled with apprenticeships.

Employers are also encouraged to think outside their traditional hiring practices in order to bring in fresh blood to these industries. Embracing tactics like hiring more women and reskilling older workers were highlighted as potential tools to help meet these challenges.

Another option is to make the most of online tools which can help businesses find an apprentice in Australia. Services like Apprenticeship Central can meet these demands, connecting companies looking to hire new staff from across the country.

By accessing a range of different candidates, potential employers can find the right candidates to fill positions within their company. Apprenticeship Central also has a range of useful tools to help you build the right job profile, making it simple to get the right candidates for your needs.

Apprenticeship Central also has a useful career tool – the Harrison Online Career Assessment. This simple assessment can make it easier to find the right fit for your company.

The NCVER study also highlighted the importance of providing the right environment for workers. Faced with an increasingly competitive market for candidates, companies need to be sure that they are embracing the potential that comes with a new apprentice.

This is also a concern for those looking to get the most out of an apprentice. Disagreements with colleagues and employers is a main reason apprentices cancel their studies, making culture even more important for employee retention.

While these challenges persist, there are plenty of options for companies to adjust their activity in order to find the right candidates for their workplace. Building a positive workplace and taking the time to find the right candidate through Apprenticeship Central can ensure that your company is in the strongest position possible.

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