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Finding Your Beat at Busy Beat

The Finding Your Beat at Busy Beat workshop involved 12 to 16 year olds and was held to give youth from all walks of life and backgrounds the chance to experience music and sound.

Each School Holidays, the Busy Beat Hub gets involved with the program and this term’s workshop was themed around teaching the children how to write and record their very own song. The song was a collaborative effort with kids contributing to different parts of the process. The workshop was funded by Ipswich Council and included an introduction on how the recording studio process works, live performances by local artists and a tasty lunch for all involved.

The session was run by Mark Plumb, the Busy Beat Recording Studio Advisor, with special assistance from young artists Brandon Taylor, 17, and Natalie Vudzi ,17, who are familiar with the studio.

“Both Brandon and Natalie are talented young artists who did a fantastic job supporting the other kids with the recording process and also did a stand out job of performing for the group,” says Mark. Brandon and Natalie have both recorded singles which are featured on CDs entitled Busy Sessions and are available for purchase in the Busy Beat Café.

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