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From feeling low, Shai is aiming high

Shai Darby, 19, has always felt a strong desire to care for and nurture others.

“When I was younger, my best friend’s dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I was in and out of the hospital with him and I just saw the way that the nurses helped him and comforted him through that whole process, and I was like wow, that’s something I really want to do,” Shai said.

The passing of her step-dad from the same condition was another blow, shaping Shai’s life and led to her studying for her nursing degree, with the goal of getting into paediatrics. “I’ve always had a protective nature. With not having my dad around and the two other men that I’ve lost, I always said to them if I could take your pain away I would.”

Shai started her career journey with a childcare traineeship during high school, and then looked for an organisation to help her obtain employment, which led her to BUSY At Work. Shai became a participant in the Transition to Work program, a government initiative that helps disadvantaged youth find jobs and education opportunities.

“It’s really chill,” Shai said. “When you go to BUSY it’s nice, I enjoy going there. They’ve found me courses and jobs, and been really helpful. It makes me feel quite good. Each week they ask questions and check on me.”

Shai recently began full time employment at the Kids Capers Bald Hills childcare centre, after her casual position at a vintage clothing store dried up. “It’s great, I love working with children and especially since I want to get into paediatrics, it’s a great experience,” Shai explained.

Paul Miles, Managing Director of BUSY At Work, says the Transition to Work program is a fantastic initiative for our young and vulnerable youth to take advantage of finding educational courses and get into meaningful employment.

“It’s great seeing young men and women like Shai find their way forward through this program. Our employment consultants are out there every day trying to help our youth get into jobs and educational programs,” Paul said.

“If you’re looking for help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to start your journey.”

Transition to Work is an Australian Government initiative designed to help young people after they have become disengaged from school or are early school leavers. For more information, visit

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