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GirlPower Joins 1000 Voices

GirlPower is a support group of women with intellectual and learning disabilities. They encourage and support women with disabilities to access information on health, foster supportive relationships, and enable participation in community events.

The group is co-facilitated by Ipswich’s West Moreton Women’s Health and Disability Services, and is sharing their story through the power of music. The GirlPower song/anthem narrates their individual and collective experiences of living with a disability. The group wrote and produced the song with the help and guidance of Mark Plumb at the Busy Beat Recording Studio.

Renee Andreas, GirlPower Facilitator, says “Mark has been integral in guiding the GirlPower group members and facilitators throughout the development of the song/anthem and performances, and this has been greatly appreciated by everyone involved”.

GirlPower performed their song/anthem for International Women’s Day celebrations in March, and again in May for the Ipswich Women’s Centre for Domestic Violence held at the Ipswich Community Gallery.

The song/anthem written and recorded by GirlPower is set to be uploaded to the 1000 Voices website. 1000 Voices is an initiative of Griffith University that aims to share stories of everyday people living with disabilities. 1000 Voices hopes to highlight the lives of people living with disabilities by collecting 1000 stories from people from across the world. To learn more about 1000 voices project visit the website.

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