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Government reaffirms commitment to resources exploration

Government reaffirms commitment to resources exploration

Resources sector provides mining apprenticeships in Queensland

Resources companies throughout Queensland have been assured by the Newman government that it will do everything possible to ensure continued growth in the sector.

Andrew Cripps, minister for natural resources and mines, said that efforts are underway to reduce red tape that currently presents a hindrance to some companies.

“Already two bills that seek to reduce the regulatory burden on resource companies and shorten approvals processes from exploration through to full-scale production, have passed state parliament,” he commented.

Not only does the resource sector employ many Queenslanders, but it also provides the opportunity to offer mining apprenticeships to those who hope to move into such jobs later in life.

Latest data shows that the mining industry recorded the highest level of employment growth between 2006 and 2011 when Census data was collected across Australia.

Mr Cripps highlighted that the resources sector remains “a pillar of the Queensland economy” and is “integral to restoring health to the state’s economy”.

Several specific initiatives were identified by the politician that have been put in place to support the sector, including MyMinesOnline, which enables companies to apply online for exploration permits for minerals.

Previously, businesses had been required to submit paper applications for exploration projects.

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