Helpful Resources


Resources for Schools

A range of informative videos and other resources for Teachers, ILO’s and Students.


Cognisess Career Assessment Tool

A world-leading, no-cost assessment tool that provides a detailed report on your workplace style, career preferences and more! 



Download helpful information regarding apprenticeships and traineeships.

Employers Guide to Apprenticeships

Download PDF Brochure – Employers Guide to Apprenticeships

Guide for Apprentices & Trainees

Download PDF Brochure – Induction Guide for Apprentices

Guide to Incentives

Download PDF Brochure – Guide to Incentives

A-Z Guide to Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Download PDF Brochure – A-Z Guide for Apprentices and Trainees

Guide for School-Based Apprenticeships

Download PDF Brochure- School-based Apprenticeships

Support for Employers & Apprentices/Trainees

Download PDF Brochure – Gateway Services and In-Training Support

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