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Hiring managers seek specialised skill sets in coming months

Hiring intentions across the country appear to be on the rise, despite the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) suggesting unemployment is edging higher.

The ABS revealed unemployment reached 6.3 per cent in February this year, 0.4 percentage points above where it stood at the same time in 2014.

However, talent management firm Hudson Australia said businesses are broadly optimistic about the jobs market for the second quarter this year. Companies are specifically keen to identify candidates who have specialised skill sets in the information and communications technology (ICT) and finance industries.

“Employers in sectors such as these are hungry for the right talent to support structural transformation projects and underpin future business growth,” said Dean Davidson, executive general manager at Hudson Australia.

“ICT remains the leading source of contracting employment in Australia and an increasingly important component of business growth.”

According to Hudson Australia, there has been a significant shift towards services-oriented sectors in recent years, as the country’s traditional growth industries, such as mining, begin to stabilise after a period of heavy expansion.

“Regardless of the economic situation, organisations need to continue their transformation in order to be able to compete in the future,” Mr Davidson added.

Finding a trainee to fit your hiring needs

Hudson’s analysis is likely to come as good news for people studying traineeships in finance, business and ICT, with an abundance of potential opportunities seemingly on the horizon.

If your business is currently looking for trainees in these areas, you can access Apprenticeship Central’s comprehensive database of candidates by registering online. There are also a range of innovative tools and resources available to help you tailor your search and find the ideal match for your specific needs.

As an employer, you can browse the profiles of registered jobseekers and explore the wealth of information that is on the site, including FAQs, tips and advice. Your search can be refined using filters to identify candidates within your industry and region.

On the other hand, if you are a future trainee wondering where vacancies are likely to arise, Hudson Australia statistics showed that hiring intentions are positive across all states.

Victoria is currently leading the charge, with a net 21.9 per cent of businesses looking to boost the staff roster in the second quarter. This is an increase of 2.2 percentage points on the preceding three-month period and 12.2 percentage points higher year on year.

New South Wales is also performing strongly, as property and construction growth helps a net 19.7 per cent of employers consider increasing headcounts. In Queensland, a net 12.2 per cent of companies are thinking of hiring.

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