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How can Apprenticeship Central help me improve my resume?

One of the first hurdles when applying for a new apprenticeship or traineeship is creating a convincing resume. This will be the first – and perhaps only – chance you get to impress a prospective employer of your abilities.

However, writing a CV can be a challenge, particularly if it’s your first job application and you don’t have a pre-existing resume to build on. Apprenticeship Central can help with this process, enabling you to produce a quality CV that covers all the key areas.

There are many tools at Apprenticeship Central to help both employers and applicants commence an apprenticeship or traineeship arrangement. Please register with the site to gain full access to these resources.

Resume Builder

The Resume Builder function is a quick and easy way to generate a professional resume to send to businesses. Simply enter as much information as possible in the available fields, which include:

  • Employment and work experience
  • Qualifications and courses
  • Education details
  • Personal achievements
  • References

Press the ‘Create Resume’ button and the tool will collate the information you’ve provided and build your CV, which will be available to view on the ‘Current Resumes’ tab once complete.

Resume Templates

There are various different approaches you can take to writing a good CV, including the format it takes. At Apprenticeship Central we’ve done all the hard work for you with the Resume Templates tool, which uses set formats that have been proven to work.

You can choose from various templates to personalise your resume during the last steps of the Resume Builder process. If you’re not happy with how it looks, you can re-create it as many times as you like.

Plain Template

Anyone who wants to put more work into their resume may want to take advantage of the Plain Template feature. This offers very little formatting and creates a HTML file, which can be opened in Word.

Save the file to your computer and open it from within Word, where you can amend and edit the document until it’s perfect for your needs. Afterwards, upload your CV to Apprenticeship Central and send it to employers.

For more tips and advice on the apprenticeship or traineeship process, read the Frequently Asked Questions page at Apprenticeship Central or contact the site.

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