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How to build a good job position

Once you have decided to take on a new apprentice or trainee, then it’s time to find the right candidate. After all, this process is the most important ingredient in getting the best new employee for your needs and your working environment.

The good news for employers is that there are many resources that can help you find the right candidate. Websites like Apprenticeship Central are a good place to start, offering free access to a range of different potential employees who might join your organisation.

In fact, one of the most useful features of Apprenticeship Central is its range of different resources that can help you get the best applicant for your position. One of these – the Position Builder, can help to create the right job description.

To help build the right profile for your business, here are three things you need to consider when building a job description.

Get the right job title

The name of your position is going to be the first thing that a potential apprentice or trainee sees when they are browsing for a position. As a result, it is important that the job title grabs people’s attention and makes them want to learn more.

At the same time, the name needs to be an accurate description of the position you are offering. Potential new employees should be left in no doubt about what title they will have, along with their responsibilities within your business. Sticking to familiar job titles is a simple tip here to prevent any miscommunications.

Be specific in your job description

Once you have an accurate and eye-catching title, the next step is to ensure that you have the right level of information within the job description itself. This explanation is the best way for you to elaborate on the position you are offering, along with the core responsibilities that come with it.

A job description is also an opportunity to give some insight into your company culture and the sort of environment a new hire will be working in. Treat this job description as a way to present a window into how your business operates and the culture that a new hire will become a part of.

Expand your job settings

When setting up a job description online, there will be a range of different factors that need to be entered like the location of your work and the industry you operate in. Setting these parameters too narrowly may mean that you miss candidates who are looking to move or are not sure exactly which industry they want to work in.

At the same time, make sure you don’t set these so wide that they give the wrong impression. Instead, try and find a balance between these two needs.

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