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How to get relevant info from prospective candidates

The interview stage is one of the most important in the hiring process for any employer looking to take on new staff. When it goes right, it can provide you with important insights into whether a candidate is right for your company. On the other hand, if this conversation doesn’t go well, it can make it much harder to find the right person.

For those looking to hire an apprentice, the first step is going to be finding a candidate through the Apprenticeship Central website. Thanks to our range of resources, including packages for specific industries, you can be sure you are finding the right funnel of candidates for your business.

Once you have a number of candidates and are moving to the interview stage, here’s a quick guide to make sure you are getting the most from this opportunity.

Start with solid interview questions

There are plenty of potential questions that you can ask those who are looking for a new role. Standard questions like why they are interested in the role will be a good start, but it’s important to also put in a little extra thought and come up with some unique questions. Some starting points might include:

  • How do you define hard work?
  • What is your passion?
  • Who is your role model?

These questions all go a step further than simply asking questions that relate to the role. This way you can learn more about your candidate, how they think and what they value.

Give some insight into the role

If you want to find out more about how a candidate responds to the pressures of a job, it’s important to give them a taste of it as early as possible.

If you are lucky, your business will be one where you can give a small sample at the interview stage like running through a sample task that a new apprentice or trainee will be undertaking on a daily basis. Even if this isn’t the case, take the time to explain the role in detail and discuss how comfortable they are with these responsibilities.

Allow the candidate time to express themselves

It can be easy when you’re trying to get more out of a candidate to take the lead and push them for information, but it’s important they feel confident and relaxed – that way they will be willing to give you information that will be relevant to the role.

Finding this balance between getting what you need from an interview and giving a candidate the chance to showcase their own personality can give you a much better chance of taking on the right new apprentice or trainee.

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