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International travel boosts Queensland tourism industry

International travel boosts Queensland tourism industry

International travel is boosting Queensland's tourism industry.

Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey welcomed the results of the survey, revealing that the number of international visitors to Queensland has increased by 2 per cent from the same time last year. Additionally, the total nights spent in cities across the state rose 4 per cent to 46 million in the same period.

“This is great news for our economy with international expenditure in Queensland increasing by four per cent to $4 billion,” Ms Stuckey said.

The survey found that New Zealand continues to be Queensland’s most popular country of origin, with more than 384,000 Kiwis landing on our shores. However, China was reported as the fastest growing country, as 42,000 more Chinese visitors arrived in Queensland in 2013.

Chinese tourists also represent the largest international market in visitor expenditure, spending $605 million on trips to Queensland last year. Overall, the number of tourists from Asia increased by 6 per cent, with 814,000 visitors contributing $1.7 billion to the Queensland economy.

“Queensland saw significant increases in visitors from Asia, with the largest growth from India (up 37 per cent), followed by China (up 16 per cent), Taiwan (up 18 per cent), Malaysia (up 9 per cent), Singapore (up 11 per cent) and Hong Kong (up 4 per cent),” Ms Stuckey explained.

In particular, tourism in Tropical North Queensland experienced the largest boost in international travel in 2013, which is positive news for those considering employment or apprenticeships in the state’s northern region.

“Tropical North Queensland proved to be a popular holiday destination for international travellers in 2013, hosting 627,000 holidaymakers – an increase of 6 per cent on the year prior,” said Ms Stuckey.

As a whole, Australia’s tourism industry experienced a 6 per cent boost in international travel, according to TRA. This rise represented a massive 5.9 million tourists visiting Down Under in the 12 months to December 2013. Total trip expenditure increased to $28.9 billion, injecting a large portion of this directly into the Australian economy.

With such strong results being reported within the industry, it is unsurprising that tourism is considered one of the leading economic and employment sectors in Australia. Obtaining employment or training in this industry could provide many opportunities for a long-term career.

By Leanne de Toerkenczy, Public Relations Coordinator

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