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Is your body language hindering your job interview success?

Is your body language hindering your job interview success?

Body language is an important factor to keep in mind during the interview process.

No matter what stage of life you are in, or where you sit on the career ladder, job interviews are likely to remain a nerve wracking experience.

While you can have the best answers and thought-out questions prepared, your non-verbal communications is just as important in an interview, and could be the deal-maker or breaker for nailing the job.

So when you’re next prepping for that big meeting with a prospective employer, take some time to practice your body language to improve your chances of employment success.

Body language experts suggest that first impressions are made within three to seven seconds, so it is vital that you rehearse your non-verbal communication, even the initial walk through the door.

It may sound silly, but practicing walking and standing in front of a mirror can help bring attention to the way you look to others.

Posture is a big part of non-verbal communication – make sure to hold yourself confidently, by standing and sitting straight, but not too rigid – with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your head straight.

When conversing with the interviewer, leaning forward slightly can give the message that you are engaged and interested in the conversation.

Making eye contact is also important during an interviewer, showing your confidence and your active involvement in the meeting.

Beware at all times of any nervous body language that you may have. This includes clasping your hands, jittering your legs, over gesturing and folding your arms.

Kathie Kelly, national recruitment manager at BUSY At Work, also encourages her candidates not to forget the importance of a good handshake.

“Ensure you have a firm but not bone crushing handshake, look people in the eyes when shaking their hand and smile.”

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