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Kyle signs on to new career

Kyle Martin is a creative young man who has always enjoyed working with his hands.

Kyle said he was originally interested in a carpentry apprenticeship, but after registering with BUSY At Work, he wanted to make sure he was on the right track and decided to complete the Harrison Online Career Assessment program available on the Apprenticeship Central website.

The Apprenticeship Central website is designed to connect apprentices with employers, and provides resources such as the Harrison Online Career Assessment which compares over 175 job related traits in over 800 occupations.

Interestingly the results of Kyle’s assessment indicated his suitability for a position in designing signs more than carpentry.

BUSY At Work was then able to put Kyle’s name forward shortlisting him for a position available as a signwriting apprentice at A Sign Design.

The company specialises in the design, creation and installation of contemporary up market signage for architectural and corporate markets all of which matched Kyle’s assessment report.

Armed with this knowledge Kyle’s interview was a success and he is now thoroughly enjoying a career in a field he had not previously considered.

“Since starting the job I’ve learnt a lot about what’s involved in making creative signs and I’m really enjoying the challenge,” Kyle said.

Clare Evans, Account Manager of A Sign Design was very thankful for the support provided by BUSY At Work.

“Working with BUSY allowed everything to be streamlined and delivered us with an apprentice whose motivation, personality, work values and interests were well suited to the role.”

“The process was very efficient allowing our existing staff to focus on their primary business roles. This saved our business time and money and we would certainly recommend BUSY At Work for any company looking to recruit,” Clare said.

Paul Miles, CEO BUSY At Work said BUSY was pleased to see another positive outcome from the Harrison Online Career Assessment.

“Before Kyle registered with BUSY At Work and undertook the assessment he had a limited view of his career opportunities. However after completing the assessment he had the information and confidence to apply for an apprenticeship in sign writing. We are proud to provide this key resource for jobseekers to help them find their greatest strengths and true career path,” Mr Miles said.

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