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Lachlan’s ready for a big future in the building industry

Golding Homes Apprenticeship
Golding Homes Apprenticeship

St Mary’s Toowoomba Year 12 student Lachlan McCallum won’t have to look far if he needs any motivation to complete his carpentry apprenticeship.

The enthusiastic school-based apprentice was signed up in October last year by BUSY At Work’s Senior Industry Consultant, Alan Richardson.

Now three months into his Certificate III in Carpentry with Toowoomba based company, Golding Homes, Lachlan only has to look to his boss, Jeremy Scanlan if he needs any inspiration to see where his carpentry apprenticeship might take him.

Now a Director of Golding Homes, Jeremy was also signed up by BUSY At Work in August 2008 as a school-based apprentice and is now enjoying great success in the building industry.

Alan said he was delighted to have signed up both Jeremy and Lachlan to their school-based carpentry apprenticeships.

“BUSY At Work has always had a good working relationship with local schools when it comes to placing students in school-based apprenticeships and traineeships.”

“We have also developed an excellent working relationship with Golding Homes and are excited to see both Jeremy and Lachlan achieving success in an industry they are both passionate about.”

“We really appreciate the support from Golding Homes by trusting us to deliver on their apprenticeship needs,” Mr Richardson said.

During his senior year at St Marys Lachlan will continue to spend two days per week working at Golding Homes before taking on a fulltime position in 2018.

Since starting his apprenticeship Lachlan has been very “hands on” in the job learning how to use power tools, planers and circular saws in a safe manner. Along the way he has also learnt new skills in hanging gyprock, building bulk head dividing walls and installing stairs.

Lachlan said building had become a big part of his life.

“I like everything to do with building and learning something new each week. It’s a great feeling when you’ve helped contribute to building a house and look back and see the end result,” said Lachlan.

Both Lachlan and Jeremy were grateful for the support they had received from BUSY At Work.

“My mentor Nicole has been excellent and only too willing to provide advice and answer any of my questions about my training whenever I need it,” Lachlan said.

Jeremy said Golding Homes would continue to use BUSY At Work as their preferred apprenticeship provider.

“Right from day one they have always been prompt and efficient and made the sign up process for Lachlan very easy for us. Having been through the process myself I am delighted to work with

BUSY and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else,” Mr Scanlan said.

BUSY At Work, CEO Paul Miles said BUSY was pleased to have signed up both Jeremy and Lachlan to their carpentry apprenticeships.

“We are proud of our long term reputation as specialists in apprenticeships support services and are delighted that our strong partnership with Golding Homes is continuing to grow over time.”

“We congratulate both Jeremy and Lachlan on their success and look forward to meeting the needs of their business in the future,” Mr Miles said.

As an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Provider, BUSY delivers Gateway Services which can assess a participant’s commitment and suitability to an apprenticeship before they start. This ensures they are matched with the right job from the very start.

For further information please contact BUSY At Work on 132879 or visit


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