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Marley transitions his way into a full time job with support from BUSY At Work

Last year 16 year old Marley Korperu had an uncertain future and was struggling to fit in at school.

With little job prospects on the horizon Marley was unsure about how to make the next step towards finding a job.

Earlier this year Marley participated in the Transition to Work Service at Hervey Bay through BUSY At Work.

The service is an Australian Government initiative which provides intensive,

pre-employment support to improve the work readiness of young people and help them secure work (including apprenticeships and traineeships) or education.

As a Transition to Work Provider, BUSY At Work deliver high quality services to employers to ensure young people meet their needs and are supported while settling into a job.

BUSY At Work Employment Consultant, Rachael Brynard said Marley came to the Transition to Work Service after earlier completing the Transition 2 Success Program through the partnership BUSY At Work has with the Youth Justice Department.

“We are proud that Marley is the first young person to obtain employment through this program. Marley was able to showcase to local employers the skills he learnt whilst completing a Certificate II in Infrastructure and Resources.”

Wayne Banks, the owner of Banksies Concreting in Hervey Bay saw the potential in Marley and Marley was able to commence employment as a Trainee in Concreting on 8 August 2016.

“Marley has shown great pride in his work and with the support of his family, the staff at Youth Justice and the BUSY At Work team Marley’s confidence has improved and he is making great progress on the job as well as learning the skills, attitudes and behaviours expected by employers. We are extremely proud of the achievements he has made over the past few months,” Ms Brynard said.

Since joining Banksies Concreting, Marley has been kept busy learning how to prepare boxing and formwork as well as how to mix, lay and finish concrete for building and construction work.

Wayne said Marley had performed very well during the initial stages of his traineeship.

“Marley is always energetic and keen to have a go. I am confident in his ability and believe he has all the attributes to do well in this industry,” Mr Banks said.

Marley said he was thankful for the support he had received from BUSY At Work.

“BUSY At Work has helped me in making a resume and learning about what employer’s looked for in new employees. They have also assisted me with transport to work as well as helping me get my White Construction Card and First Aid Certificate,” said Marley.

Marley said his family was very excited to see him doing well as he was the first person in his family to secure work and complete a qualification.

BUSY At Work CEO Paul Miles, said it was pleasing to see local employers going the extra mile to give unemployed youth a chance.

“With the support of the Transition to Work Service we can help young people who are early school leavers overcome challenges and set them on a career pathway for the future.”

“Banksies Concreting have set an example for other employers in demonstrating how you can make a difference in a young person’s life.”

“By putting in a little extra effort and providing the right training and assistance, we can provide opportunities for young people who might otherwise not see a future,” Mr Miles said.

To participate in Transition to Work a young person must be aged between 15-21 and be an Australian citizen. Wage subsidies of up to $6,500 are paid to employers over 12 months to help with hiring and training costs for eligible young people.

For further details about the service please contact BUSY At Work Employment Consultant, Rachael Brynard on 13 28 79.


MEDIA CONTACT: Leanne Macnamara, Public Relations Coordinator

0438 173 960

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