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Matt Enjoying Opportunities After Graduating R U BUSY? Course

Matt participated in the second R U BUSY? course for 2014. Matt has an acquired brain injury, from a car accident when he was 4 years old. Although Matt has had many challenges, his positive outlook and attitude towards life has been really inspiring. His funny and bubbly personality made Matt’s time on the program a very positive experience – his ability to make people smile and laugh is something that other participants really appreciated. Youth Project Officer, Rebecca Slavin-Molloy had the following to say about Matt:

‘Matt’s fun loving character and comic nature means he doesn’t take life too seriously and doesn’t allow other people’s opinions to affect him. Matt was awarded an outstanding achievement in being such a positive inspiring influence to the other participants and always pushing himself and his abilities’.

Matt had completed his Year 12 education however needed some further assistance with interviews skills and applying for vacancies on the Gold Coast.

Throughout the R U BUSY? course Matt had a support worker to assist him in completing his bookwork as well as transporting him to the program. While attending the course, he completed a 2 day volunteering work trial, however he felt the position wasn’t right for him. Matt was determined to find another volunteering position once the R U BUSY? course finished and with the constant help of his support worker, his family and the Youth Project Officer Matt was able to secure two volunteering positions. the first position with St. Vincent De Paul and the second with Blockbusters. Matt started these positions just a few days after the R U BUSY? course was complete.

‘BUSY has helped me with my time management skills and understanding routines so I am more confident and organised in my life. They helped me with resume and my confidence is a lot better since doing the R U BUSY? course which makes volunteering really fun and I enjoy it’.

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