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Mining ‘continues to boom’ in Central Queensland

Mining ‘continues to boom’ in Central Queensland

Mining boom seen in Central Queensland

Central Queensland remains a hub of mining activity, even despite claims that the sector may be struggling in other parts of the country.

At present, nearly $13 billion in coal projects alone are being carried out in the area, the Australian Regional Media reveals.

This comes at a time when even some of the biggest players in the mining industry are reporting cost-cutting measures and job losses.

Currently underway are the construction of three new mines, two extensions and one large port expansion in the Bowen Basin, which the report suggests shows the resilience of the mining sector.

Opportunities for mining apprenticeships could therefore be on the rise throughout Central Queensland, especially as large firms such as Rio Tinto continue their operations in the region.

It was recently announced by SolGold that the company had some success with gold mining in Queensland, but it would like to reach one million ounces before performing a feasibility study.

To date, approximately 500,000 ounces have been mined from the area.

SolGold has a number of gold mining sites underway, including Mount Perry to the south-west of Rockhampton.

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