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Understanding and Preventing Workforce Vulnerabilities in Midlife and Beyond: A Study

Understanding and Preventing Workforce Vulnerabilities in Midlife and Beyond: A Study

Researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Brotherhood of St Laurence are looking for people to take part in a study on Understanding and preventing workforce vulnerabilities in midlife and beyond. The study is examining the relationship between people’s age, work, and the rest of their lives, focusing in particular on:

  •  Those who do not have a job but would like to have one
  •  People in casual, part-time, or temporary employment who are finding it difficult to get regular, or enough paid work
  •  People who have retired or stopped working but would prefer to still do some paid work.

The study aims to understand:

  •  What balance people want between paid work and other aspects of their life?
  •  Why people in this age group do not have a job and would like to have one, or are not working as much as they would like?
  •  What impact this has on people’s wellbeing, both personal and financial?
  •  How existing employment services and programs can better assist people in this age group?

Taking part involves a phone interview lasting between 40 and 60 minutes. Some people will be asked to do a follow-up, face-to-face interview in 2014, although you do not have to do a second interview if you do not want to.
participants will be given a $40 voucher for each interview they do, in recognition of their time and any associated costs of participation.
For more information, or if you would like to take part, please contact Dr Michael McGann on (03) 9483 1395 or
You can also register your interest and find out more about the study by visiting:

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