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Queensland government promotes defence and aviation industries

Attracting investment

The Australian and International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exhibition is organised by Avalon, with the event taking place every two years. In 2013, 168,000 people attended, while 40,000 individuals signed up for the four industry-only trade days that were held.

Dr Lynham stated the show brings together world leaders in aviation, and it is these high-profile professionals that he is keen to attract. He said the government’s participation is a key indication of ministers’ commitment to boosting development in these industries.

Meanwhile, the Queensland government also hosted a targeted networking event for defence and industry leaders at Langham Hotel in Melbourne on Wednesday (February 25). The meeting was organised by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning’s Defence Industries Queensland division.

The companies exhibiting as part of the Queensland government convoy were Air360, Sunshine Coast Airport, Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport, Asia Pacific Aerospace, Orion Solar and the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation, among others.

By Leanne Macnamara, Public Affairs Coordinator

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