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Queensland’s Key Growth Industries

While Queensland’s Environmental Mining Technologies and Services employs over 12,500 people, the CSG to LNG industry is expected to create 6000 new jobs through future projects. How companies will meet the growing demand for qualified staff will be challenging through these industry developments.

Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) announced in July it is planning to invest US$20 billion into Queensland’s CSG to LNG industry. This will be the third project of its kind in Central Queensland as companies maximise sustainable energy resources. LNG is non-toxic, making transportation and storage easier compared to traditional energy sources.

It is expected that this latest APLNG project will provide 6000 new jobs in Gladstone, requiring staff to be brought in from across Queensland. To accommodate staff it is probable that companies will utilise a temporary village of pre-fabricated huts, reducing the need for fly-in, fly-out teams.

“Providers of ancillary services in industries such as hospitality, construction, road infrastructure and housing will be paramount to the project’s success, creating a flow on of commercial opportunities within Central Queensland,” says Sue Loch, Corporate Solutions Manager for BUSY At Work.

In other growth industries, Queensland’s Transportation and Logistics continues to expand with over 600 million tonnes of freight being shifted annually by road, rail, sea and air. The Information and Communication Technology industry employs around 70,000 people, and Aviation, Biotechnology, Processed Food, Advanced Manufacturing, Therapeutic Medicines and Devices and Fibre Composites are also tipped for significant growth.

For further information on how BUSY At Work can help your business meet growing staff demands, visit the BUSY At Work website or phone 13 BUSY 13 28 79.

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