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Recruitment experts highlight value of apprenticeships

There is no doubt that the Australian construction and engineering sectors are enjoying stronger growth periods. However, to maintain this positive sentiment, it is important that these industries have the skilled professionals to drive home these economic advantages.

In fact, according to recruitment experts Hays, apprentices are the key to a successful future in areas such as construction and property. The company found skill shortages are a constant threat and apprentices could be the solution to close these gaps.

Improving the youth unemployment rate

Combing the traditional aspect of classroom learning with professional on-the-job training, apprenticeships provide a great alternative to university study and may curb Australia’s rising youth unemployment levels.

According to Trading Economics, the youth unemployment rate was 13.68 per cent as of July 2015. This is one of the highest figures in recent years and highlights the importance of getting more people between 15 and 24 years involved in apprenticeships.

Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand, Nick Deligiannis, explained that this is a global trend and not limited to Australian shores.

“Around the world, apprenticeships are increasingly being seen as a solution to the problems of youth unemployment and skills shortages,” he said.

“Here in Australia, the construction & property industry is one example where employers have successfully used apprenticeships to bring in entry-level talent and train them in the skills they need.”

New apprentice opportunities

It is fair to add that the range of available apprentices has changed in recent years because of technology. With many roles now operated by machines and robots, some people in the industry would argue that the scope for apprentices is limited.

However, according to Hays, if technology is taking some of the responsibility from workers, then businesses have more scope to mentor highly-skilled apprentices who can enjoy a better career as a result

“This could usher in a new form of apprenticeship, one where companies train entry-level employees – with or without a degree – in the skills they need to hit the ground running in their chosen profession and add value to the organisation,” Mr Deligiannis continued.

“Such organisations will future-proof their skills pipeline thanks to a structured training and development program.”

Future apprentices in Queensland need to understand the merit of this career choice. As well as gaining tangible skill sets, individuals can grasp today’s technology and become a true leader in the years ahead.

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